Hope for Everyone

We help those whom have no place to call their own by seeking help for those that help themselves and those who cannot help themselves.


These are testomonials of people whom we have helped or whom have helped others. Remember, everytime you help another no matter how small it is huge in Gods eyes.

Quotes we are in need of assistance for those in Dyersburg, Tenn who have lost thier homes due to the flooding here in south Dyersburg. The Forked Deer River has exceeded flood level and many are now homeless. If you can asist in any way, clothing food furniture, monetary donations please feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] Thank evryone who respods and also those who do not, and remember you are being prayed for at all times. Thank You all once again and God Bless You. Please check our news out Quotes
Disaster Relief

Quotes There's nothing completely wrong with being homeless though it is very tedious and hard on one's self and children. I was taken from a homeless shelter in Kansas City to a place where there was a roof over my head, my husband now has a job which neither of us could seem to find up there. At the shelter meals were made for us and if we didn't want to/couldn't eat what was made then we had to cook in a microwave (which isn't the easiest). Now I have a stove and my children eat better than they had before. I'm thankful to God and to Hope for the Homeless to have gotten out of that situation. Quotes
January Greene
Formerly Homeless

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